Use Creative Thinking to Develop Characters

Characters are a driving force in any novel.

That’s why you can find a gajillion resources asking about what your character is all about. What does your protagonist eat for breakfast? What kind of music does she listen to? What is her desert island movie?

But how do you go about finding those intimate details of your characters? How do you figure out all their hopes, dreams, wants, and needs?

You could BS your way through an information-gathering activity by just writing down the first answers that pop into your head. But what good would it be to have answers if they’re not true answers that really describe your characters?

Instead of using your analytical mind to try to “figure out” your characters, what if you tapped into your creative thinking and unleashed your intuitive mind? Here are some specific ideas for how to do just that.

Need more help creating characters who really drive your story forward?

Grab our step-by-step worksheet for creating compelling characters. You’ll see how to build characters from the ground up, whether they’re major players or minor supporting characters.

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