The first (and most important!) step for marketing your book

Could marketing your book be something you enjoy?

For a lot of authors, the thought of marketing is uncomfortable, to say the least. We might have the image in mind of infomercials or intrusive loudmouths who force their products on people.

But what if you could enjoy marketing? What if you could sell your book from a place of integrity?

You can. That’s what we help writers just like you learn to do. And it’s not about becoming a social media ninja or getting a degree in public relations.

It’s about one key mindset switch.

Watch Ella’s short video (just over 8 minutes) about the most important step you need to take to successfully market your book.

Are you ready to make a successful marketing plan that will help you sell books and find your raving fans?

You can get access to the free training Ella mentions in the video right here.

In the training, you’ll learn about the All Writers Welcome Academy and how to write, market, and publish your book in four months with hands-on training, compassionate mentoring, and awesome community. Learn more about the All Writers Welcome Academy

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