The Strategy for Choosing Amazon Categories

Choosing Amazon categories is a marketing strategy.

End of story.

It’s not about soul searching and asking yourself what category your book was meant to be in. It’s about being seen.

The secret is to look for categories with high potential and popularity, but low competition. The fewer people you are competing against, the better chance you have of being #1.

Best-selling authors have a secret weapon. They actually spy on Amazon to see what other authors are doing. How do they do that? With a little software called KD Spy.

KD Spy lets you see the stats on books in your potential categories, like how much competition there is and how much money is being made. You can also see what the top selling books in your category have in common. How are they priced? How long are they? What words do they have in their titles?

Want to get a sample of how it works? Share your categories with Ella in the All Writers Welcome Facebook group on this post.

If you’re excited about the category strategy but feeling a bit intimidated about it, don’t panic. It’s one of the things we help writers with all the time. We’ll happily walk you through this part of the process in the All Writers Welcome Academy. Learn more.

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