How To Write Your Author Bio

If you’re biting your nails about what to put in your author bio — or if you were thinking of skipping one altogether — you’re not alone.

It might seem weird that an author bio can be scary when you’re writing a novel. What’s another couple hundred words when you’ve already committed to writing tens of thousands of them?

Here’s why it’s tough. Your book is about other people. People who might not even exist.

But the author bio can feel really vulnerable. It’s your life, after all. And what if your life hasn’t involved making dump trucks full of money from writing? What if you’ve never made any money from your writing? What if, in fact, you’re working on writing, marketing, and publishing your Very. First. Book.

Without a long list of best sellers or a prestigious award to brag about, how do you write about yourself as an author? What should you say and why would anyone care?

We’re so glad you asked! Turns out, there’s a really simple thing you can count on when someone is shopping for books.

To learn what that is and how you can capitalize on it, check out our quick how-to video on writing your author bio.

Wish you had more support for writing your author bio, or for other parts of the publishing and marketing process?

That’s why we created the AWW Academy. It’s an online author training camp and community where we offer the step-by-step instruction, resources, and coaching you need to be a successful author.

In the Academy, you’ll work closely with dedicated coaches in a tight-knit community to write, market, and publish your book. 

The Academy features hands-on training, personalized mentoring, and awesome community. It also features an affordable price tag so that you can make your publishing dreams come true today, not someday.

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