How to Write, Market, and Publish Your Book in 4 months


First, why would you even want to write, market, and publish a book in 4 months? Well, we’ve got some reasons below.

Complete Your Book

One reason is because you will get the satisfaction of completing your book. Dude. That’s a pretty damn compelling reason. 

Does this sound familiar? You start a project and then midway through the project you get a new idea. You abandon the first project and start the second one, and then the next one, and the next one?

Believe me, I’ve been there. It’s only recently that I finally starting completing my projects. And I have to tell you, it feels really good. There is something incredibly satisfying about completing a project. Especially one that really matters to you–like, um, realizing your dream of being a published author.

Improve Your Writing Skills

The other reason why you might want to write, market, and publish your book in 4 months was actually said best by one of the members of the All Writers Welcome Facebook group.

Remember, publishing a book is about more than just the writing. With each book you complete the entire writing process (drafting, revising, editing, formatting, marketing, etc) gets better.

“It’s a funny thing, The more I practice the luckier I get.” – Arnold Palmer


Now let’s talk about how you can write, market, and publish your book in 4 months because it’s definitely going to take  some commitment and strategizing.


The first thing you’ll need when committing to completing your book in 4 months is a community of supportive people. A LOT of writers are surrounded by naysayers. They have people in their lives who don’t understand the compulsion to write. Or they run into people who are not bold or brave enough to go after their own dreams and just criticize people like you who are actually doing it. You know who I’m talking about, right?

It can be really hard to stay motivated when you’re surrounded by naysayers. That’s why finding your tribe is so freaking powerful. Instead of listening to people who are poo-pooing you,  find the people who will cheer you on. Build relationships with people who can easily support you because they are doing the same thing you are — writing their books! Ignore the naysayers, and find some Yaysayers!


Being accountable is like using peer pressure to your advantage. It helps you move forward on those things that are important to you. Imagine you have committed to a group of people to do a chapter a week, and those people have the same goal. What are the chances you’re going to be the one to show up without a chapter? Slim to none, right? You actually get to utilize social pressure in your favor, to accomplish your goals.  

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results.” – Bob Proctor

Writing, marketing, and publishing a book in 4 months is no easy feat, but accountability will keep you on track to realizing your dream.


It’s not talked about much, but it’s something that can make your writing and time super efficient and effective–writing tools.

I’m not talking about plotting vs pantsing. I’m talking about proven procedures and make the writing faster and easier. For example, what if you had a strategic plan for revising? What if this plan could make sure that you didn’t waste any time rewriting something that you would later cut out of your book entirely.

What if you had access to trained beta readers, in your genre, who gave you quality feedback in a timely manner?

What if you had a marketing calendar that told you EXACTLY what you needed to do each week so that when you published your book you had tons of people waiting to read it?  

Think about how much more effective your writing time could be spent if you had the exact tools you needed, right when you needed them.

If this sounds exciting to you…

The Calendar

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We believe you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity.

We believe one completed book on Amazon is worth dozens of unfinished books on your hard drive.

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