Book Launch Like a Boss Bootcamp

The author’s nightmare:

You pour your heart and soul into writing an awesome book, and then sales flat-line.

What if you could turn that nightmare into the best author fantasy ever?

So you could connect to readers and fellow book lovers instead of wasting time with random followers who don’t even care about your WIP.

So you could stop worrying that your story will suck. 🙁

So you could stop jumping from one thing to another, trying to learn everything about marketing your book but not doing any of it well.

So you could actually make money selling your book this year.

That DOES sound like a dream come true for 2018!

Actually, that sounds like Book Launch Like a Boss Bootcamp.

Want to find out more right now? Pick a time to chat with Ella or Megan! Or scroll down to find out more about the Book Launch Like a Boss Bootcamp.


Book what like a who?

Book Launch Like a Boss Bootcamp, or BLLABB for short, is an online coaching experience that walks WITH you through a straightforward, 8-part plan for getting your book selling without giving up writing to get a master’s degree in marketing.

You heard that right—we’ll be with you all the way! This is bootcamp, not a knowledge dump. We’re not going to drown you in information and then leave you in the dust while you try to implement it on your own.

This is a hands-on, we-do-it-with-you, workshop-style bootcamp that is heavy on the implementation and the personal feedback.

The Future of Indie Book Launching


  • NO MORE jumping from one thing to another, trying to learn everything, trying to connect with potential readers but not knowing how.
  • NO MORE drowning in information overload with no motivation, accountability, or results.
  • NO MORE spending all your time and energy on trying to market so you’re too drained to write.
  • NO MORE feeling totally lost about where your potential readers are and how the heck to get them excited about your book.
  • NO MORE worrying your book is going to suck.


  • INSTEAD, learn repeatable strategies that will help you build a solid audience one step at a time so that by the time your book goes on sale, you’ve got excited fans ready to read and review it
  • INSTEAD, you’ll have dedicated mentors who are guiding you at every step, holding you accountable and pushing you to take action and keep on truckin’!
  • INSTEAD it’s a fast and furious boot camp where you take action and use specific strategies that help you market your book smarter, not harder.
  • INSTEAD, you’ll learn the exact formula for connecting with your ideal readers and turning followers into eager fans.
  • INSTEAD it’s a no-nonsense deep-dive into exactly what gets readers frothing at the mouth so you’re confident in your story and its page-turning awesomeness.

Because, if you’re anything like many, MANY indie authors out there you’re…

  • Struggling to prioritize which steps to take first, or just plain ol’ have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing
  • Driving yourself crazy trying to be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram when you’d really rather just hide under a rock
  • Wondering how to genuinely connect to readers and fellow book lovers.

AND WE GET IT. You want to write books, not become the CEO of a PR firm.

You’re creative, not calculating.

You could spend all day with your characters, but when it comes to real people, you might be a bit of an introvert.

And you’re worried that the whole marketing part of being an author might just be a bigger pain than it’s worth.

THIS is Exactly Why We Created This Bootcamp

We designed BLLABB to be an island of sanity for indie authors who are tired of the information overload and ready for smart strategies that work!

We gathered up all our best tools and tactics for writing great stories, connecting with the right audience, standing out from the crowd, and getting your audience whipped up into a frenzy of genuine excitement so that you launch your book with a BANG!

We’re here to help and support you.

Sure, you’ve still got to do the work, but we’re going to hold your hand while you do it so that you get through your marketing and launch your book to eager fans and great sales.

Because what you don’t need?

A full-time marketing job on top of your writing job (and any other jobs that are bringing home the bacon). Or a bunch of coursework and information hanging over your head waiting for you to slog through it… someday when you get the time.

What you DO need?

A way to make money from your books ALONGSIDE expert coaches and an awesome community. You deserve to be surrounded by people who “get” you, support you, answer your questions, and make sure you’re taking action and hitting your author goals.

Sound like something you need?

Book Launch Like a Boss Bootcamp Breaks Down Like This:

Build Your Email List

Strategy + Action Session #1: January 11
Hosted by Megan Barnhard

Your email list, aka, your newsletter list, aka, your marketing BFF, is your most important tool!

Even if you’ve got tons of followers on social media, guess what? You’ve got zero control over who sees your posts. That’s right. Zero. While Facebook is a great tool for authors in tons of ways (which we’ll get to later in the bootcamp!) it doesn’t put you in charge of who sees your content. Only an email list does that. Do you want be sweating over creating content that your ideal readers aren’t even seeing in their feeds?

No thanks!

Instead, in the first Strategy Session Megan will walk you through:

  • How to set up a free account with an email service that makes it easy peasy to add and organize subscribers
  • How to build a sign-up form that makes people happily hand over their email addies
  • How to make sending emails quick and painless
  • How to build an autoresponder sequence that works without your lifting a finger
  • What to write about and how often to send emails

But just knowing how to build an email list doesn’t mean diddly. You have to build one! That’s why following the strategy part comes the action part of the session!

You’re going to be getting down to work right on the coaching call! Megan will take you step-by-step through the Take Action Checklist. You’ll have help right there when you need it and use the momentum and energy of the group to take your next steps!   

This is what you will be holding in your hot little hands following the first week of bootcamp:  

  • Outcome #1:  A newsletter sign-up page built so fans can easily join your list
  • Outcome #2:  An automatic welcome email built (so whenever someone joins your list they feel the love!)
  • Outcome #3:  An editorial calendar of your emails so you know what to send and when

BOTTOM LINE:  You’ll have a direct line of communication straight to your ideal readers so you can get them all riled up about the launch of your book.  

Connect with Other Authors

Strategy + Action Session #2: January 18
Hosted by Ella Barnard

The worst feeling as an indie author is comparisonitis. You feel like you’re in competition with other authors. You look at how many books someone else is selling and feel like hiding out under your bed with an entire box of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate truffles all to yourself.

But there’s a simple switch that turns comparing yourself to other authors from a bummer to a huge BOOST!

Ella’s going to teach you the single-most powerful and effective marketing tool, a mindset that helps you connect with other authors and actually gain more energy and momentum from the awesome success they’re having. 

Sound like magic? It’s not. It’s just simple human psychology! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to determine which authors you should approach and connect with
  • How to find your own “author persona” so you don’t feel like a total noob when you’re talking to more experienced authors
  • How to give before you get so you build real relationships with other authors, not “gimme, gimmie, gimmie” stalker energy
  • How to ground all that nervous energy so you don’t act like a complete spazz when you talk to your author crushes

And then? We’ll take it to the next level with a focused Take Action session that pushes you out of your comfort zone and right onto that speeding train of success, instead of leaving you behind in the station all bummed out.    

Here’s what you will have in your back pocket at the end of week 2 of Bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A five-point “My Genre + My Book” cheat sheet so you know the keywords to use to talk about your book and the right people listening  
  • Outcome #2: A list of your Top 10 authors in your genre to turn into your online BFFs
  • Outcome #3: A detailed social media plan so you stop getting distracted and start getting results

Bottom line: Putting yourself out there is about to feel really rewarding and also really authentic and natural.

A Book Description That Sells Your Book

Strategy + Action Session #3: January 25
Hosted by Megan Barnhard

We know what it’s like to sweat over the perfect book description. One that crams all the awesomeness of your story into just a few short paragraphs.

Spoiler: spending all that time and creative energy on your book blurb makes it waaaay too complicated, not to mention waaaaay too time-consuming.

We say save all that creativity for your next book and use a simple paint-by-numbers formula for your book description. Your description is a commercial. The more it follows a proven formula, the more people will click “read more” and “Buy”!

In this S+AS Megan will guide you through:

  • What’s in the description formula and how to use it
  • How to tweak the formula to match your genre
  • How to hook readers in the first sentence so they’re dying to read your book
  • How to shorten your description to post in other places, like your newsletter or social media pages

Naturally, we’ll round it out with a Take Action Checklist and you’ll jump in to get a first draft of your description written while we’re on the call.

Best part? No more worrying how you’ll ever fit all those subplots into your description!  

Here’s what you’ll have done at the end of week three of bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: An attention-grabbing book description for Amazon that makes readers click “read more” — and then click “buy”!
  • Outcome #2: A back-of-book blurb that fits neatly on, well, the back of your book! It’ll be a great tease without taking up too much real estate on your cover.
  • Outcome #3: A short and sweet “elevator pitch” for your book that you’ll plaster all over social media to grab readers’ attention and make them click to join your email list or follow you on Amazon.

BOTTOM LINE: You’ll create an exciting book description that readers will eat up (without it eating up all your time).

Giveaways to Build Your Fans & Followers

Strategy + Action Session #4: February 1
Hosted by Ella Barnard

If looking at your email list makes you feel like you’re staring into a bottomless abyss of loneliness, this S+AS is meant for you!!!

Sure, it’s awesome having a sign-up form so people can get on your list and an email service so you can email them… but without the people, it’s kind of pointless, right?

You need eyes on your emails! But not just any eyes. We’re not talking all your living relatives and your recreational softball team. We’re talking readers. Readers who love reading what you write!

And the best way to find them is through book giveaways.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • The easiest giveaway softwares to get started with (Ella’s tried ‘em all so you don’t have to!)  
  • How to give away a ton of value without spending a ton of money
  • Where to promote your giveaways to get maximum attention
  • How to provide instant value for all the people who DON’T win so they don’t leave in a huff (aka, unsubscribe right away)

After the strategy comes the action! You’ll start designing your giveaway and coordinate it with your editorial calendar so that you’re using giveaways at the most strategic times for your launch!

Here’s what you’ll have by the end of week 4 of Bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A cheat sheet of your ideal readers’ traits so you start attracting super fans
  • Outcome #2: A detailed plan that will make you seem like the spontaneous life of the party in the places your super fans hang out, even if you’re an introvert!  
  • Outcome #3: One giveaway scheduled, complete with awesome graphics and a step-by-step promotion plan

Bottom line: Giving away books has a HUGE ROI (that’s return on your investment). It’s fast, cheap, and super effective. And you’re going to learn the exact formula for getting it done!

Character Arc and Climax

Strategy + Action Session #5: February 8
Hosted by Megan Barnhard

Email list? Check.

Subscribers actually on your email list? Check.

Book description that makes said subscribers drool for your book? Check.

Story that lives up to the hype? <<anxious silence>>

Whether you’re a master wordsmith or you’re just getting started with this whole writing thang, story is the great leveler. Give readers a great story, and they’ll be eating out of your hands. Don’t, and they’ll skedaddle faster than you can say “Why isn’t anyone leaving any reviews of my book?”

But you’ve already got your story written, right? We DON’T want you to start over.

How can you improve your entire story without rewriting it? By focusing on introducing your main character and your climax.

Megan will walk you through the Character Arc + Climax QA (that’s quality assurance) Checklist. It’s like you’re the inspector at the factory. You’re gonna make sure everything is up to snuff. And if it isn’t, you’re gonna make a couple targeted tweaks to make sure you put out a stellar product.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to plot your story arc super fast so you can double-check that your story’s moving in the right direction
  • How to use a simple checklist to know FER SURE whether your climax is exciting
  • How to add key details to your climax to double or triple the stakes and the tension (without rewriting the whole dang thing!)

After the strategy sesh it’s time to take action! You’ll get to work using the Quality Assurance Checklist on your story. Plus, you’ll get a critique of your climax so you know exactly where to boost the tension or switch the focus for maximum impact.

Here’s what you’ll have made by week 4 of Bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A souped-up version of your MC that your readers will connect to and root for so that they keep on turning pages.
  • Outcome #2: A tense, exciting climax that makes readers stay up all night to see what will happen.
  • Outcome #3: A story arc that gives readers an endorphin rush. (Hint: endorphins are those feel-good chemicals that make people want to leave positive reviews!)

Bottom line: You can’t have a successful launch without a great story. Great stories are what create super fans. And the easiest way to take your whole story to the next level is to polish your MC and your climax.

First Chapter Like a Boss

Strategy + Action Session #6: February 15
Hosted by Megan Barnhard

If your book doesn’t start with a bang, all the launching strategy in the world isn’t going to help you sell books!

Readers who don’t love the first few pages will give up. Heck, some of them won’t even purchase the book since they’ll read those first few pages in a preview! There are literally millions of other books they could be reading instead.

Don’t panic. Just give readers what they so desperately want. An escape from reality into a super cool world that delights and entrances them.

It’s easier than you might think! In fact, a lot of it is about what you leave out of the first few pages, not what you put in.

In this S+AS Megan will guide you through:

  • How to get readers to connect with your MC right away so they’re totally engaged in your story
  • How to ease readers into your story with big doses of drama and small doses of backstory
  • How to use word choice strategically to set the right mood so readers get completely sucked in, forget where they are, and keep feverishly turning pages

Naturally, we’ll round it out with Take Action time. You’ll start souping-up your first chapter right on the coaching call. You’ll prioritize your backstory and start finding new homes for anything that doesn’t belong in the very first chapter.

Here’s what you’ll have done at the end of week three of bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A polished first chapter with the Big 3 attention grabbers to hook readers from the very first paragraph
  • Outcome #2: Unnecessary backstory cut or relocated it to other places to create killer pacing and connection with your MC
  • Outcome #3: A first-chapter cliffhanger that catapults readers into the rest of the story so they voraciously devour your book.

Bottom line: The best salesman for your story is your story. When you spend time tweaking and polishing your first chapter, you’ll reap the rewards for the rest of the book.

How to Get Amazon Reviews

Strategy + Action Session #7: February 22
Hosted by Ella Barnard

Gulp! Reviews… You knew this was coming. If you’re terrified of not getting reviews (or of getting the wrong kinds of reviews) this Strategy + Action Session has your name written all over it!

Reviews are a HUGE part of your book sales. You need ‘em.

And just like everything else in your launch toolbox, getting them is a strategy that you can learn, practice, and get great at!

Ella’s going to walk you through the magic formula for reviews. Ask the right people + at the right time + in the right way and your reviews will start rolling in.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to ask readers for reviews like a boss (not like a desperate weirdo stalker!)
  • How to utilize ARC (advanced review copy) readers to boost reviews and presence for your launch
  • How to build “get reviews” pages into the front and back matter of your book so leaving a review is a no-brainer for your readers!
  • How to incentivize readers to leave reviews while making sure you don’t break any of the rules!
  • How to leverage the power of “social proof” to turn a few good reviews into dozens!

After the strategy comes the action! You’ll start creating your “get review” pages live on the call and get feedback and technical support form Ella!

Here’s what you’ll have by the end of week 7 of Bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A review request built right into your book to catch readers at the best possible time to leave a review!
  • Outcome #2: A list of top reviewers to approach + the perfect message to get them to say “Yes!”
  • Outcome #3: A streamlined ARC workflow so that managing your ARCs is easy peasy

Bottom line: Giving away books is the biggest ROI (that’s return on your investment) around. It’s fast, cheap, and super effective. And you’re going to learn the exact formula for getting it done!

Build Your Launch Team

Strategy + Action Session #8: March 1
Hosted by Ella Barnard

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a team to launch a book!

Your launch team is a group of awesome peeps who are all ready to actively promote your book as your release date approaches.

If only you had been connecting with other authors and readers and building authentic relationships with them… Oh wait!

Now it’s time to enroll your new author and reader friends in an exciting and fun group event.

Ella’s going to coach you through your exact steps to build your launch team in a way that feels fun, generous, and filled with the kind of good ju-ju that is like a magnet drawing people to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to choose the right people for your launch team
  • How to ask people to join your launch team in a way that feels like you’re inviting people to an awesome party instead of begging them to clean your toilet
  • How to build your launch calendar so you know what to do when and how to make the best use of your team
  • How to increase the likelihood of people saying “Yes” to helping you launch by giving first and getting second

After the strategy comes the action! You’ll start designing your giveaway and coordinate it with your editorial calendar so that you’re using giveaways at the most strategic times for your launch!

Here’s what you’ll be holding in your hot little hands by the end of week 8 of Bootcamp:

  • Outcome #1: A shortlist of high-energy players to invite to your launch team who will increase your reach
  • Outcome #2: A Golden Rule approach to get your Launch Team first choices to say “Yes!”
  • Outcome #3: A launch countdown calendar of exactly what actions you’ll take in the 14 days before your launch

Bottom line: Having a launch team grows the excitement and visibility of your book release exponentially! Gather fun and energetic people for your team and launch your book sales to the stars!

<<Cue voice of cheesy infomercial host>> But wait, there’s more!

Look, you know you need to launch your book. And we know you know you need to launch your book. And you know we know you know you need to launch your book.

But it’s kind of intimidating, right? So how’s about we bribe you to eat your veggies with a little ol’ dessert first? 😉

Enrollment ends January 4, 2018 @ 11:59 PST

Sign up now and get a sweet bonus!

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So much that we’re not gonna simply cheer from the sidelines. We’re going to get in there and run the drills right alongside you.

So you sell more books. So you can write more books. So you can turn your awesome author drams into reality! 

<<Ella & Megan jump up and give the most epic double high-five ever>>

Ready to launch your book like a boss in 2018? 


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Whoa. We just covered a lot, and you might have some questions about all the deets. 

Scroll away! Don’t see your question listed below? Click on the buttons below to schedule a time to chat! We’ll personally answer your questions so you can make sure this bootcamp is the right fit for you!

Q: “What if I can’t make the Strategy + Action Sessions live?”

A: You’ll be able to watch the recordings of each S+AS, plus get access to all the resources, plus ask all your questions in the private Facebook group, so you could totally still launch with us. But you’re definitely going to get the most momentum and energy from joining us live, so make your writing a priority! 

Q: “I’m totally new to launching books. Can I still join the bootcamp?”

A: Halt! You’re exactly who BLLABB is for—indie authors who want to sell books and see results but who are scrambled and overwhelmed about how to get there.

Whether you’ve written a slew of books or this is your very first one, we made this program for committed authors who’ve got the chutzpa to follow their dreams and not give up until they get the results they want in 2018! 

No matter how new (or not new) to launching you are.

Q: “How many books can I launch with this program?”

A: Ooooh! Good question, you overachiever, you. 😉 Here’s what’s awesome: The tools and tactics you’re going to learn in this bootcamp are going to be treasure in your author treasure chest from here on out. So, technically, you can launch all your books this way.

BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE! One of the key ways this bootcamp is going to rock your world is by keeping you laser-focused on just one book. So you can launch it like a boss, not a distracted multi-tasking basket case who (crap!) just sent that brilliant email to the wrong person and now looks like a weirdo.

Make sense?

Q: “What’s your refund policy?”

This one is simple! Since this is a live bootcamp, we roll with a no refunds policy. Once you’re in the BLLABB secret club, you’re in.

Q: “Ugh, I’ve read tons of blogs and watched tons of YouTube videos about selling more books and nothing’s worked.”

A: Great point! Information alone isn’t enough. And filling your noggin’ with tons of strategies that you never get a chance to use is exhausting! The knowledge starts scrambling your brains until you can’t even think anymore, let alone write or make a marketing plan.

That’s not what we’re about!

This is Bootcamp, not Slippercamp. You’re going to be getting out there and kicking butt, not just learning how to do it. Sure, you’re going to understand exactly what to do, why it works, and how to do it well. But it doesn’t stop there! 

Um, we called them Strategy +Action Sessions for a reason! We’ve actually built take-action time right into the coaching calls so that we’re on the calls with you as you’re implementing. We’re there, live — as well as in the FB group all the flippin’ time — to push you into action and hold you accountable.

Because taking action is what’s going to sell your books and turn your 2018 into your Year of Awesome! 

We work with you in a hands-on way, giving you the take-action steps, time, and support you need to implement what you just learned right then and there.

Q: “The royalties haven’t started flooding in yet…” 

A: We hear you! You’re writing books to make money, not the other way around. That’s why we make sure all the tactics we’re teaching you are the ones you can implement for cheap or even for free. No fancy software to buy, just your Internet connection and your fingers typing madly.

That’s also why we have a payment plan option so you can invest in your career and build your author empire — but not all in one day. 😉

If you’re ready to make 2018 your breakthrough year, you can enroll now for $499 plus 2 more monthly payments. The price goes up on January 1st!

Want to jump in with both feet?

You can enroll all at once with a single payment of $1,299.