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Don’t let Self-Publishing mean “By-Myself” Publishing

Learn everything you need to successfully write, market, and publish your book in a supportive community led by two nurturing and fun coaches in the All Writers Welcome Academy!

For just $39 a month, you get access to:

  • live group calls with a writing coach (2 per month)
  • live group calls with a marketing coach (2 per month)
  • comprehensive courses about story craft and marketing strategy
  • step-by-step worksheets and tutorials that take the guesswork out of self-publishing
  • an active community of dedicated writers
  • resources and forums that make writing more fun and more productive

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Have you been trying to go it alone?

Pick up any book and check out the acknowledgments section. Do you see all those names? 

The truth is that authors don’t become successful all by themselves.

Even the most talented, dedicated, organized, motivated, and super smart authors need mentors and community to provide guidance, accountability, and support.

Talk to an author who’s got a solid habit of writing every day. He’ll tell you he belongs to a writing critique community.

Talk to an author who’s just quit her day job to write for a living. She’ll tell you she’s invested in structured, sequenced courses.

Talk to an author who’s raking in sales and reviews on Amazon. He’ll tell you his marketing coach is his secret weapon.

Talk to an author who doesn’t believe in writer’s block. She’ll tell you she’s got a writing mentor.

How do you get access to…  

  • a writing critique community 
  • structured, sequenced courses 
  • a marketing coach
  • a writing mentor
  • plus, community, accountability, and inspiration

…all at a ridiculously affordable price?

By joining the All Writers Welcome Academy

  • Learn everything you need to know about writing, marketing, and self-publishing through structured, self-study courses.
  • Get mentored by a writing coach and a marketing coach about crafting your story and self-publishing and selling your book.
  • Get specific, targeted feedback on your book and your marketing plan in weekly live coaching calls.
  • Find beta readers, get feedback and critique, check in with other writers  and co-work with them, and even just vent about the frustrating stuff only other writers really get!
  • Get answers to all your questions about story craft, style, grammar, and real-life skills, occupations, places, and other details you need for your book.
  • Get the accountability and support you need to meet your writing and publishing goals while having more fun!

In the All Writers Welcome Academy, we know community is what makes the difference between writers sticking with the hard work of writing and publishing, or giving in to doubt and discouragement.

We also know that all the support in the world won’t help if you don’t have a proven strategy and clear instructions for success.

What’s in the AWW Academy?


The AWW Academy combines community, expert advice, step-by-step plans, proven strategies, and personalized mentoring to help you successfully write, market, and publish your book!

What people are saying…


Meet Your Mentors

Ella is an author and publishing coach who loves helping creative people connect with their audiences and with each other. Her superpower is finding the most awesome, least complicated, and least expensive solutions for all types of creative projects. Ella is committed to using positivity to spark productivity and has over six years of experience as a marketing and mindset mentor for entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives. 

Megan is an author and writing coach who loves helping writers put their passions on paper. Her superpower is reverse-engineering writing into straightforward recipes for planning, drafting, revising, and editing. She has been coaching writers for over a decade, helping them understand and use their unique thinking styles to put their passions on paper.

The All Writers Welcome Academy is for you if…

  • you’re serious about writing and publishing your book
  • you’re ready to work hard while still enjoying yourself
  • you’re ready for the big push that a community will provide (and you’re ready to provide that community for others)
  • you’ve been looking for a writing, self-publishing, or marketing coach or mentor
  • you want to sell your book without being sleazy or salesy
  • you’re ready for real help and support at a price tag you can afford

Why not us let take care of finding all the best resources for you so that all you have to do is show up and write?

Your powerful community is right here waiting for you! We would love to have you join us in the All Writers Welcome Academy.

Right now the Academy has just opened. That means you can join us for the insanely affordable price of $39 per month!

You get:

  • immediate access to all of the courses so you can jump in wherever you want and start learning
  • a live group coaching call every week
  • access to the community forums where you can ask questions, co-write, play games, and find the resources you need
  • membership in the private Facebook group with direct access to the community and to Ella and Megan

“That’s less than I spend on Starbucks!”

If you’re ready to commit to yourself and your book for only $39 per month, click the button below and get immediate access to the AWW Academy.

If you’re ready to go all in and commit to a year of writing, then sign up at the annual price of $399.

These early adopter prices won’t stick around forever. They’re here while we’re building and adding new courses. But if you purchase now, you will be locked into your  price even after the price goes up, for as long as you maintain your membership.

That means you can get all the support, feedback, knowledge, guidance, and mentoring you need to make you book happen for less than you spend on coffee for the month!

Think the AWW Academy is right for you? Want to find out for sure? We’d love to chat with you! Schedule a time to talk to us and ask us all your questions.

You have a great book inside you.

We’re here to help you get it out to the world!